AutoSpecs Patent v2-1

Pype Secures AutoSpecs Patent

Pype, Inc, an innovative construction technology leader, announced issuance of Patent #10102209, “Systems and Methods for Electronically Generating Submittal Registers”, for Pype’s AutoSpecs software. The program’s proprietary technology is revolutionizing the industry by automatically generating submittal logs in minutes with unparalleled accuracy and drastically improving general contractors’ ability to remain contract compliant. Not only is the complex algorithm patented, but the process of electronically pulling submittals from a PDF is covered in the scope of the patent.

Co-founders Sunil Dorairajan and Karuna Ammireddy teamed up to launch Pype in 2013. Sunil, an industry insider, was very familiar with the grueling process of manually pulling information out of specs. He saw how technology was being used to improve other industries and identified the opportunity to bring a software solution to this particular pain point. Karuna, a leading software architect, was motivated to solve such a tedious problem with his insights into automation and machine learning. This patent solidifies Pype and its founders as one of the few construction innovators to have patented technology.

Read the full press release here.
Learn more about AutoSpecs here.

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