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Pype Launches Next Generation Closeout Platform

Pype is proud to announce that we have launched the new version of our Closeout solution - a single portal for closeout documentation management that helps general contractors achieve closeout compliance and get paid faster.

Through open communication channels with existing ENR clients like Build Group and Layton Construction, we receive invaluable feedback that directly correlates to future innovations of our products. Existing customers are already seeing significant process standardization and ROI using Closeout, and this new release expands on existing features while providing additional functionality that incorporates their feedback.

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Pype Closeout features include:

  • Automated subcontractor outreach to get you what you need, when you need it
  • Powerful dashboards and reporting tools
  • Generate polished turnover packages with an indexed and hyperlinked PDF
  • Sync with Procore, Sharefile, Box, and Dropbox
  • Mobile-friendly – Access your data anywhere, no apps to download or update
  • Bird’s-eye view of all projects – See where you stand with a portfolio dashboard
  • Digital document collection from subcontractors

90% of projects don’t closeout on time - will yours? Avoid project panic and simplify closeout with Pype Closeout.

 See for yourself...

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